Audrey and the Lamp

From Audrey and th…

Audrey’s had a thing about my bedside table for a while now, ever since she first managed to leap up there. She’s only knocked over the glass of water I normally keep up there once, which isn’t bad, really, and despite the picture above, she hasn’t shredded the antenna cable for my clock radio. But she has picked up a very strange habit in the last few days - climbing on top of the lamp proper, inside the lampshade. I’m not sure how she manages to get there, but it requires some serious contortions. It looks all the sillier because my lamp is made from glass - so from my position in bed, which is where the pictures were taken, I can see, well, all of her through the lamp. Good thing I have one of those florescent low energy consumption bulbs - she’d be burning herself if I had an incandescent one.

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