Been a Long Time Since I Posted Pictures

November 20th, 2007

Lots of pictures - got a month+ of pictures. Not all of them are Audrey pictures - there are some pictures from the Monterey Bay Aquarium from this Sunday as well.

From Aquarium 11-18

Those are otters. There’s lots of otter pictures.

From Audrey 11-12

That’s Audrey with her new toy - it’s a rattly ball with yarn on it. I’d gotten her another new rattly ball recently, but that one was too small - she lost it somewhere under something. I think.

From Audrey 11-5

These pictures are from Audrey’s half-birthday, the day of her first introduction to catnip. She had fun, as you’d expect. =)

From Audrey 10-30

Various assorted Audrey pics - the first couple pics are from her field trip to Esther’s, when they were testing the fire alarms in my apartment building.

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