Audrey Discovers Sheets

July 29th, 2007

So last night, Audrey discovered that she could burrow underneath my comforter and sheets. The end result was a small lump moving around my bed in search of…something. I’m not sure what. But it was very cute. After half an hour or so of burrowing, she curled up next to me and dozed off, so I decided to let her stay in my room while I slept for the first time. Unsurprisingly, this did not work out well - I woke up at 2am with her going to war with the flaps on the rear pockets of my shorts. It was very cute, true, but a cat, however small, jumping up and down on your butt is not very conducive to sleeping, so I was forced to shoo her out.

Earlier last night, she was in her normal fort (I now leave my normal seat’s footrest extended all the time, with a blanket covering it when I’m not sitting there. She had started hanging out under the footrest/blanket combination while I was working, and now likes to sleep there when there isn’t a convenient person around to sleep on). Dad and I were getting ready to watch Citizen Kane, and I was grabbing remotes from the bookshelf or some such thing, when she started batting at my feet through the blanket, a regular activity of hers. This time, though, she somehow managed to get a claw through the blanket and directly into an artery in the middle toe of my left foot. It *hurt*. I went to go change her litter when I discovered a red splotch on the kitchen floor - I was confused and thought it might be tomato sauce, when I realized that there were more splotches, and then that my toe was covered in blood. So I scurried off to the bathroom, ran my toe under water in the sink (always an awkward proposition) and bandaged it up. What I didn’t realize is that Audrey took advantage of this opening to bolt into my room and hide there. I shut the door afterwards, not realizing she was in there. An hour later, I realized I hadn’t seen her - Dad eventually checked my room and found her staring up at him inquisitively from my dirty clothes hamper. Luckily, she didn’t defecate anywhere. =) When I emerged from my room half an hour later, after a phone call, I found my dad sitting with his arms crossed (a normal pose for him) and Audrey splayed out across his arms, asleep. It was very, very cute - I wish I’d gotten a picture.

Today’s the actual car race down in San Jose, so it’ll be the fourth day in a row that I’ll have been out of the apartment for 4+ hours. I was going through Audrey withdrawal yesterday - I’ve become totally accustomed to just spending my day hanging out with her.

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My Kitten, She Has Teh Wums!

July 13th, 2007

Yeah, ew. Audrey was napping on me while I was working (as is becoming very, very normal for her) when I realized there was some random white gunk on my arm, which had been supporting her butt. I looked closer, and realized it was *moving*. Eww. Google did its magic for me, and I’m now fairly sure it was a tapeworm segment. Disgusting, but treatable. We’re going to the vet in a few hours anyway, so I’m glad I found this beforehand.

Also, I really need to upgrade my wireless router - because Audrey’s getting into nibbling on the ethernet cord while I’m working. I need the high bandwidth for my VOIP stuff for work, and my 802.11b router just ain’t doing the trick for that, hence the wired connection. I think it’s time to buy an 802.11g router so that I can ditch the ethernet cable and cut down on the number of possible cables for her to bite on/play with/etc.

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