Better Late Than Never

September 21st, 2007
From Audrey 8/29
From Scooper 9/1
From Audrey 9/21

I am terrible! I’ve gone almost a month since last posting pictures - so here are three sets of pictures for your viewing pleasure. The first set are the last set of pictures I took before heading back east for Labor Day. The second set are of Scooper, my mom’s cat - he’s a wonderful kitty, but, well, a bit stupid. He hasn’t figured out how to chew yet. He’s 11. And he poops in the TV room at mom’s for no obvious reason. And he *screams* for food, but if you give him too much at once, he’ll just inhale it all and vomit it right back up again. He’s like a goldfish crossed with an infant. But he’s cute, so check out his pictures. Lastly, there’s the third set, the pictures I’ve taken in the last couple weeks, since returning from Massachusetts. So enjoy all the pictures!

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More Kitten In Bag And Other Adventures

August 1st, 2007
From Audrey 8/1

So yeah, I’ve got a thing for putting Audrey in bags. This time, I tried some new angles. I think it works. Anyway, pictures here. Enjoy!

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Late! Sorry! Here is Audrey!

July 24th, 2007
From Audrey 7/15-7/24

Sorry for the delay - I really have no excuse. But here’s some pictures - I’ll try hard to take and upload more ASAP. I promise!

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